Online Dispute Resolution

A service supported by the Indiana Supreme Court

Online Dispute Resolution - Small Claims

This is a new service supported by the Indiana Supreme Court' to provide a free, quick and easy means of resolving disputes that are typically filed as a small claims cases.

Through Online Dispute Resolution ("ODR"), parties can resolve their disputes online.


To use this service, you must:

  1. Live, work, or have a dispute arising in the following counties: Hamilton, Marion.
  2. Have an active email address and access to the internet.
  3. Agree to the terms listed in the Agreement to Online Dispute Resolution.
    The Agreement to Online Dispute Resolution is found on the registration page after parties have completed intake. We'll send a link to register for ODR after you have entered your and the other party's contact information.
  4. Be at least 18 years of age.

There is no service fee.

This service is most helpful for resolving disputes that involve:

  1. claims alleging that money is owed and contract disputes;
  2. disputes where people are not represented by lawyers.
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