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About Online Dispute Resolution

Hello and thank you for your interest in Online Dispute Resolution.

The State Court is happy to provide an inexpensive and simplified process for litigants to resolve their legal problems involving cases of small amounts of money. State Court offers Online Dispute Resolution to you, as a service of the court, giving you an easy and flexible way to resolve a dispute in a convenient way that works for everyone. Most importantly, there is no cost to use the online system. Online Dispute Resolution helps you to resolve your dispute in a way that can save time, resources, and the frustration of a lawsuit and coming to court.

This site allows you to negotiate directly with the other party through the exchange of messages between you and the other party as well as uploading and/or downloading documents for review. If you and the other party are able to reach an agreement, it will eliminate the need to appear in court.

This service is secure, free to use, and is available to you 24/7.

Please contact the Dispute Resolution Department if you have any questions.


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