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Once you click submit, the court mediator will review the information and the other party will be invited to join the negotiation space. The negotiation space is a web page that's private to you, the other party, and the court mediator. You can send messages, attach files and documents, review and sign agreements and all when it's convenient for you.

When the negotiation session is officially opened by the mediator, this system will send you an email notification to join the negotiation space.

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Online dispute resolution is a chance to resolve a civil case or claim online. Participants may negotiate directly with each other or request the assistance of a neutral party called a "mediator."

If a mediator is requested, the mediator will help participants share information, including settlement offers. The mediator does not say who is right or wrong. The mediator does not make a decision or tell anyone what to do. If you want the mediator to help you share information then it is up to you to tell the mediator what information you want shared. Ultimately, it is up to the participants to determine whether an agreement is possible. If there is no agreement, the case or dispute will continue.

The Mediation Department reports to the Court the following: whether mediation occured or has terminated, who participated in mediation, and the outcome of the mediation.

Where should we send you status updates on your online negotiation? We will not share your phone and email address with anyone other than the court, for any reason - ever. You may share your contact information with the other party during negotiations if you want to.

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