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HOPE Application and Information


The City of Detroit Property Assessment Board of Review is a 9 (nine) member body appointed by City Council to hear and determine matters related to real and personal property valuation and classification.

In accordance with MCL 211.7u of the General Property Tax Act, a homeowner who owns and occupies the real property as their principal residence and is unable to contribute to the public charge by reason of poverty is able to file an application with the local Board of Review requesting relief of the property tax obligation.

The City of Detroit adopted the title HOPE.

HOPE stands for Homeowners Property Exemption. It is also referred to as the Poverty Tax Exemption, “PTE” or Hardship Program. HOPE provides an opportunity for homeowners to be exempt from their current year property taxes based on household income. If approved, you will still be responsible for any fees such as the solid waste fee. The solid waste fee is discounted by one half for HOPE approved homeowners. The HOPE application is an annual application, homeowners must apply every year.

Income guidelines, asset test and a list of community partners that may assist with the completion of the applications:


summons example

Add $4,720.00 to the income limit for each household member above eight for a 100% exemption. For a 50% partial exemption add $5,003.00 to the income limit for each household member above eight. For a 25% partial exemption add $5,826,00 to the income for each household member above eight. For a 10% exemption add $9,204 for each household member above eight.

10% exemption requires property to be in threat of tax foreclosure or at least 20% loss of household income from the prior year (as approved by the State Tax Commission).

In addition, the total household assets (i.e., other real property, boats, campers, stocks, bonds, IRA's, other assets in or out of the United States, etc.) SHALL NOT exceed $12,000.00. Verification of additional assets will be done for all parties and household members applying for property tax assistance. Information not provided by the applicant but is discovered by the Board of Review may cause your application to be denied.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS that may assist with HOPE applications.