2023 Homeowners Property Exemption (HOPE)

City of Detroit, Property Assessment - Board of Review

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HOPE?

HOPE stands for Homeowners Property Exemption. It is also referred to as the Poverty Tax Exemption, “PTE” or Hardship Program. HOPE provides an opportunity for homeowners to be exempt from their current year property taxes based on household income. If approved, you will still be responsible for any fees such as the solid waste fee. The solid waste fee is discounted by one half for HOPE approved homeowners. The HOPE application is an annual application, homeowners must apply every year.

Do I need to apply each year?

Yes, an application is required each year the assistance is needed.

Are there income requirements?

Yes, each year City Council will adopt by resolution the income guidelines for the upcoming year. Income guidelines are included with the application and on the City’s website.

Is there an asset test?

Yes, the asset test is set by city ordinance. However, City Council may increase the asset test in its yearly HOPE guidelines resolution but cannot reduce it without amending the ordinance.

How do I get assistance with my application?

There are several community partners throughout the city that can assist with the completion of the application. A list is on the City’s community partners is available at https://www.detroitmi.gov/hope

What if I am contacted by the Board of Review?

If you are contacted by the Board of Review, you are required to respond. An insufficient application will on delay the disposition process of the application and may also cause it to be denied.

How do I contact the Board of Review?

Call 313-628-0722 or email boardofreview@detroitmi.gov

Who decides the outcome of my application?

Only the Board of Review can make a determination on your application.

What is the Board of Review?

The Property Assessment Board of Review is a 9 (nine) member body appointed by City Council to hear and determine matters related to real and personal property valuation and classification.

When will I get a decision from the Board of Review?

You will only receive written notification depending on when a determination was made. Decisions of the Board of Review are only released 3 times a year.

When should I file?

As early in the year as possible. Applications are available shortly after January 1st. If your application is complete with sufficient documentation generally the Board of Review can make a determination by the March Board of Review. So, it is important to file a complete application with all supporting documentation.

What if I miss the March Board of Review or file later in the year?

You can still file, but you will receive a tax bill and you are responsible for the tax obligation unless the Board of Review grants an exemption. You will not receive a determination prior to the statutory Board of Review meeting dates.

Can I appeal the Board of Review decision?

Yes, appeals are made to the Michigan Tax Tribunal (MTT). Your decision letter provides the contact information for the MTT and deadline to file the appeal.

Michigan Tax Tribunal

U.S. Postal Mailing Address:
Michigan Tax Tribunal
P.O. Box 30232
Lansing, Michigan 48909

Overnight Carrier Address (UPS, FedEx, DHL Deliveries):

Michigan Tax Tribunal
2nd Floor MOAHR
2407 N. Grand River Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48906

Phone number: 517-335-9760, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; however, the phones will not be answered between 12pm-1pm.

Do I need an email account to participate?

Yes, you do. If you do not have an email account, free accounts are available at: