Online Dispute Resolution
Hamilton County Clerk of Courts

1000 Main St. Cincinnati, OH 45202


Hamilton County Clerk of Courts is happy to offer Online Dispute Resolution to you as a free service provided by the court. Online Dispute Resolution is an easy and convenient way to resolve a dispute from your computer or mobile device saving everyone time and resources of a lawsuit and going to court.

If you are initiating this Online Dispute Resolution tool AFTER filing your case in the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, you should notify the Court for the following reasons:

  1. If your court date is approaching and you would like more time to attempt to resolve this through this online negotiation and/or mediation platform, you need to file a motion for a continuance of the court date with the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts and explain that you are trying to resolve this out of court.
  2. If you come to a resolution or agreement through this platform, please file that agreement and a notice of dismissal with the Court, so your case is no longer pending on the Court's docket. Please note: if you do not notify the court, you are responsible for any subsequent fees.

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